Artist Bio

I am a Graphic Designer who lives in Baltimore Maryland who specializes in graphic illustrations and marketing. Designing and drawing was my thing ever since the age of 10 when I created comic books in my notebook. As an undergraduate at McDaniel college I have learned a range of skills such as logo and packaging designs, die lines, info graphs etc.  

 In the next three years I see myself graduating from Mcdaniel college with my bachelor's degree and starting to go into the workforce and at design firm. The work that I am doing as a designer fits into that because I am trying to learn as many programs, tools, commands, skills you need to become an expert in design.  The type of projects that Interests me are new challenging projects that always keeps me engaged and makes me think about how it will be easier for the customers to visually understand my design and my thought process.  

 I want to collaborate with clients such as businesses owners and corporations who need to update their companies design as well as marketers who will attract more customers for that business. I have had some experience working with other clients such as my nonprofit internship where I updated their newsletter design or creating t-shirt and poster designs for my Fraternity in campus Alpha Sigma Phi.